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Okay, I admit it; I'm a tech-head.  I love to read about all the latest toys and love having them even more!  That is why I have been reading with interest over the past few months about a product Google has in development called Google Glass. Simply put, according to TechRadar,

Google Glass is a camera, display, touchpad, battery and microphone built into spectacle frames so that you can perch a display in your field of vision, film, take pictures, search and translate on the go.

Wow! Now you don't even have to take out your cell phone or tablet to take a picture or get directions; you can have it projected right in front of your eyes from your glasses! The article does go on to say that the product is "designed to be easily seen without obstructing your view," but I still have concerns.

So What's the Danger?

What if people start wearing them when driving, or forget to take them off when they get into the car?  There are far too many individuals as it is that are distracted from the road in order to use a mobile handheld device to text, e-mail, send an instant message (IM), or talk.

Too many people in the Gloucester County area, in fact all over New Jersey, have been hurt or killed because of this.  Do we really need yet another distraction?

The article talks about a release of the product by the end of the year (probably by the Christmas shopping season), and the price is expected to be over $1,000.  Thus widespread adoption is still a ways away.

But some people are taking some proactive action based on privacy concerns, according to the article.  A strip club and a bar have banned them for obvious reasons.  However, lawmakers should follow suit and be sure that the "latest thing" does not create yet another safety concern.

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