Well, Christmas and New Year’s are over, and the credit card bills are starting to come in.  You really can’t put off bankruptcy anymore.  I know you don’t want to; I don’t blame you.  Although I do recommend that you file before the holidays, afterwards is the next best thing.  Here’s why.

One of the big obstacles, especially these days, is affording to file bankruptcy in the first place.  However, if you think you are going to get a refund for 2011, then now is the time to get it in gear, meet with an attorney, and get the ball rolling.  I know that you would rather spend the refund on something more fun than bankruptcy (hey, 2011 was a tough year!), but what better Christmas present, or beginning of a new year, is a financial fresh start?

That said, one of the first things you should do is go to your accountant, H&R Block, or Turbotax, and get your tax return filed.  If you are self-employed, you will need to allow a bit more time to prepare your business return first.  This is especially important if you are looking to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy due to the deadlines for filing returns.

So, make a New Year’s Resolution to get a fresh start in 2012.  Call my office at 856-432-4113 or contact me through the web site to schedule a free consultation.  Bankruptcy can be scary and intimidating, but once you realize how much it can help you, it is the best thing you can do for your family's future!

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