Many people contact my office about a New Jersey speeding ticket or other traffic offense that carries motor vehicle points looking to avoid them, if possible. The solution is usually the "unsafe operation" statute. Under this law, you can avoid points by pleading to this, but no more than two (2) times in a five (5) year period. This is because the penalties are as follows:

  • First Offense: $50-$150 fine and a $250 surcharge
  • Second Offense: $100-$250 fine and a $250 surcharge
  • Third Offense: $200-$500 fine, 4 points, and a $250 surcharge

So as you can see, this plea can be useful, but should be used sparingly to avoid points. For this reason, the "no-point ticket" is not the only (or necessarily best) course of action. Sometimes taking the hit on the points is a better way to go. 

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