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Learn Why You Should Consult With a NJ Attorney on a Traffic Ticket

https://www.richardsonlawoffices.com New Jersey attorney Steven J. Richardson explains why it is important to consult with a lawyer regarding your traffic ticket before pleading guilty. Watch this video clip to learn more. Many people do not realize what a guilty plea can do to them or their driving record. If you have been involved in a New Jersey car accident and received a careless driving ticket, you should at least consult with a lawyer on your case. There are many pitfalls you can fall into by pleading guilty. For example, your guilty plea can be used against you in a civil court case if the other driver sues you. By hiring a NJ traffic violation attorney, you will be able to contain the damages of a guilty plea. In addition, many traffic violation tickets carry points. Points have consequences that can lead to insurance surcharges or even a driver’s license suspension. An experienced attorney can help you avoid a license suspension and minimize fees. Consult with attorney Steven J. Richardson on your New Jersey traffic ticket before pleading guilty. Call (856) 686-9910 or visit our website at https://www.richardsonlawoffices.com to view our articles, books and other free resources.
Steven J. Richardson
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