No, unfortunately not.  I am sometimes asked by the parents of clients with a probationary New Jersey driver's licenses (also referred to as a Graduated Driver License or GDL) if they can plea the ticket down to an "unsafe operation" charge to avoid points.  Under New Jersey law, this is not available, and the driver faces points.

This is particularly significant in that there are further penalties for holders of a GDL as points accumulate.  If a GDL holder accumulates three or more penalty points, they have to complete a driver improvement program. If they fail to complete this program, or if they accumulate additional points, it will result in suspension and postponement of their eligibility to obtain a provisional (if in the permit phase) or basic license (if in the probationary phase).

There are many restrictions that these licenses can have, so if you (or your child) receive a ticket on a GDL, and are looking for more information, please contact my office.

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