Have a little too much fun at a party when you were in college? Get arrested and convicted for the possession and/or use of drugs? Worried that this conviction will cause problems in your life after you graduate? If so, then I have good news for you!

In New Jersey, you can expunge a drug conviction after waiting no more than one year from the date of conviction, termination of probation or parole, or discharge from custody, whichever is later. This is as long as you were 21 years of age or younger at the time you were arrested. Why not start life after graduation with a clean slate?

What Do I Have to Do to Get an Expungement?

In addition to waiting the one year, in order to get the expungement, you cannot, prior to the time of hearing

  • have violated any of the conditions of your probation or parole, albeit subsequent to discharge from probation or parole
  • have been convicted of any previous or subsequent criminal act or any subsequent or previous violation

In essence, this path to expungement is truly only available for youthful indiscretions involving drugs where your life afterwards has been law abiding..

You Can't Have Sold or Intended to Sell the Drugs

Although this fast track expungement for youthful indiscretion is great, it does not apply if you hide the drugs because you were intending to sell them, or did in fact sell them. In other words, this expungement is not available to drug dealers. The only exception is where the drug involved was:

  • Marihuana, where the total sold, distributed or possessed with intent to sell was 25 grams or less, or
  • Hashish, where the total amount sold, distributed or possessed with intent to sell was 5 grams or less.

Then, you can still wipe it out.

I Can Help You Get There!

If you were convicted in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem or Cumberland County, New Jersey, of a drug charge that is keeping you from getting a good job and being successful in life, you realize that you need to expunge it, meet the criteria for it, and are ready to take action, then call my office immediately at 856-432-4113 to schedule an appointment to take the next step!

Then, a better life can truly begin!

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