Financial Freedom Podcast Episode 87Being in financial difficulty is stressful. You have debt that you can’t pay, you keep getting letters and phone calls demanding money you don’t have, and court officers are standing at your door to serve you with lawsuits. This can really weigh you down.

Under these circumstances, it is natural for people to come up with reasons in their heads as to why things aren’t so bad; it’s a coping mechanism. They tell themselves things to make themselves feel better. That’s understandable. The problem is, those reasons are seldom true, can lead them into more trouble, and away from the very solution that they need.

That’s why in this episode of the podcast I talk about the 5 lies people tell themselves about debt. I have heard these many times over the past 30 years, and it pains me every time because it prevents them from doing the right thing for their situation.


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