Financial Freedom Podcast Episode 84The vast majority of the people who come to me to file for bankruptcy do so because of out-of-control credit card debt. The totals can run from the tens- to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Credit card debt can drag you down and prevent you from having financial freedom.

But are credit cards, in and of themselves, bad? Is it the card (and the system) itself that is bad or how we use them? Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey writes on his website questioning whether you really need a credit cards and gives six reasons why you shouldn’t. But is he right? That’s why in this episode of the podcast, I take a look at those six reasons and discuss the case for (and against) credit cards.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • When credit cards are more convenient (and when they're not)
  • Why credit cards aren't always the best choice in an emergency
  • How to put credit card rewards into context and use them wisely
  • Why you should pay them off every month and why that isn't easy to do
  • Their importance in building a credit score
  • Why they shouldn't be what makes your dream a reality


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