Episode 165 - Getting Permanent Disability Benefits with Sam GaylordBecoming permanently disabled can be devastating to your personal finances and seriously challenge your financial freedom and independence. In Episode 28 I covered how to deal with this if it's a result of a job-related injury. But what if it's for some other reason, like an auto accident or a debilitating disease?

That's why in this episode of the podcast I bring back attorney Sam Gaylord to talk about how to get disability benefits, where you can get them, how you qualify for them, and how they can help you maintain your financial freedom.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What disability benefits are available from Social Security
  • What the requirements are to get those benefits
  • How you apply for them
  • How do pension disability benefits work
  • What pensions offer them
  • How these disability benefits interact with each other


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