Episode 162 - Planning an Affordable Wedding of Your DreamsWith the pandemic essentially over with no more lockdowns of large gatherings, more and more people are setting dates and planning weddings. In Episode 96, I talked about getting your finances ready for marriage. But what about getting Ready for the Big Event itself?

Weddings cost, on average, $20,000 at least, even before you pay for the guests at the reception ($70 per guest, average, so 100 guests would be another $7,000). This is a big expense before starting a life together. That's why in this episode of the podcast I wanted to talk about how to have a great wedding without mortgaging your future together!

In this episode you will learn:

  • The Right Mindset for Wedding Planning
  • How to Set a Budget for the Wedding
  • Tips for Negotiating with Vendors
  • Tips on Saving Money from the Flowers to the Reception


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