Episode 154: Making a Health Savings Account Part of Your Retirement PlanBack in Episode 80, I talked about Health Savings Accounts in conjunction with some high-deductible health insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act. An HSA is a great idea if you have one of these plans.

However, since I have been talking about retirement planning and saving lately, I wanted to revisit this great savings option, as these accounts can serve two purposes: protect you from medical costs in a high deductible health plan and help you save for retirement at the same time. Find out how in this episode!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What an HSA is
  • The pros and cons of having one
  • Who can set one up
  • Who can contribute to one (and how much)
  • How an HSA helps with retirement planning
  • Is one right for you?

But to learn the most, talk to the HR person with your employer and/or a financial professional to get the right advice for you.


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