Episode 150: Financial Planning for Widowed or Divorced WomenThere are many challenges that face people on the road to financial freedom, including credit card debt, student loans, and a loss of employment or reduction in income. Overcoming them can be a real struggle, but necessary in reaching financial independence.

But women, particularly widowed or divorced women, face particular challenges that need to be addressed in order for them to get back onto their financial feet. That’s why, in this episode of the podcast, I talk with Certified Financial Planner Maryann Keith on how she helps women with these issues.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Why Designating a Deceased Spouse’s IRA as Inherited is Important
  • Dealing with Mortgages in the Deceased Spouse’s Name
  • Accessing the Pension of a Spouse that Dies Before Retirement
  • Financial Planning for When the Alimony Runs Out
  • Educational Planning for the Children After Divorce


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