Episode 149: Busting the Credit Score MythsThe pandemic has been disruptive economically to many people, to say the least! Jobs have been lost, income has been scaled back, and as we come out of all this, people are looking to rebuild and get a fresh start financially. Part of this is rebuilding their credit.

But there are those out there who will be hampered from the start because of all the misinformation and misconceptions out there about credit and how it works. That’s why in this episode of the podcast I wanted to bust those myths and give some accurate information on how to get back on your feet with, eventually, a 700+ FICO score.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why carrying a balance can hurt, not help, your score
  • How to get your credit reports (and scores) for free
  • How canceling a credit card can hurt your score
  • Why a higher income doesn’t mean a higher score
  • How to get a new credit card without hurting (and maybe even helping) your score



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