The penalties for drunk driving in New Jersey are fairly severe, and can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines and other penalties, along with possible license suspension, and possibly jail time. In addition, if you are convicted of drunk driving here in New Jersey, you are sentenced to a certain amount of time with the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center, or the IDRC. This is more commonly referred to as "drunk driving school." It is there that people receive evaluation, treatment, and educational services.

What is Involved with the IDRC?

A first offender is "detained" at a facility in his or her home county for 12 to 48 hours (depending on the sentence), which is spent during two consecutive days of not less than 6 hours per day. A second offender may, at the discretion of the judge, serve his or her jail term in an IDRC facility. In that instance, it is a minimum of 48 hours.

But I Don't Live in New Jersey!

But what if you got convicted here in the Garden State, but live outside of New Jersey? Do you have to come back and do it here?

Not necessarily. Out of state offenders may satisfy the requirements in their home state. Information regarding these requirements is sent to your after the courts have made a conviction. These requirements are also available on the internet.

If you live within one hour’s driving distance of an IDRC in New Jersey, you will be scheduled to appear at the nearest New Jersey IDRC. If you live further than one hour’s driving distance, you will be given an opportunity to satisfy the requirements in your home state. The driving privilege restoration and related program fees must still be paid to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ always gets your money!).

Don't Handle This Yourself!

As I stated at the outset, New Jersey's penalties for drunk driving, even for a first offense, can be significant and very expensive. This is not something you should face without an experienced DUI lawyer at your side.

If you have been charged with DWI in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem or Cumberland County, have decided that you need a lawyer, and are ready to take action, then call my office immediately at 856-432-4113 to schedule an appointment to discuss your case. This can be done virtually through an online platform, so you don't have to come to my office.

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