Most drunk driving and drug cases here in the Gloucester County New Jersey area end up with either a conviction at trial or a pretrial guilty plea.  This is because, upon review, the state's case is pretty solid; all of the evidence is there, the paperwork holds up, and there is little "reasonable doubt."

Although that is bad enough, what makes it worse is that the defendant oftentimes actually helps the police get the conviction!  How can this happen? Simple. They answer "yes" to this question: "Do I have your permission to search your car?"

What is the Best Answer?

Most people will say yes. But the better way is to smile politely and respond, "No, I stand on my Fourth Amendment rights."  You do not have an obligation to consent; if you did, they wouldn't bother to ask.

The officer might respond that he can always get a warrant, implying that he will be able to search your car eventually, after you annoy him by forcing him to call a judge.

Don't let that get to you; stand on your rights!  If you do not, then anything he finds as a result of that search can be used as evidence against you!

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