Being arrested on a drunken driving charge in New Jersey is a scary experience. You wish you could go back in time and undo it all. There is indeed a lot at stake for you and your family if you are convicted. You know the sentence will be harsh and some of its effects could stay with you for the rest of your life.

Is there any way out of a DWI/DUI charge?

The point is that there is a lot of misinformation on DWI/DUI. As a Woodbury-based Traffic Court attorney with experience of DWI/DUI cases in Gloucester, Camden and surrounding counties, I want to make sure that you are well informed in order to successfully face the challenges ahead.

Even if the New Jersey law imposes a mandatory driver's license suspension without any possible exception, there are ways to reduce, and in some instances, dismiss the charges put upon you.

  • Why were you pulled over? Was there any probable cause? Were there witnesses?
  • When the Field Sobriety Tests were made, did the officer follow the required special training and strictly follow the procedures? Can you describe these tests in detail?
  • How was the alcohol test performed: breath test or blood sample? Was the testing equipment properly calibrated? Was the operator qualified? Were the readings within the mandated tolerances? Was the blood drawn using the proper procedures?
  • Did the officer conduct an uninterrupted observation of you for at least 20 minutes before taking the breath samples?
  • What does the arresting officer's report look like? Is it complete and watertight?

Should you talk to a lawyer?

The "technical" aspects of your DWI/DUI arrest offer numerous opportunities to reduce or dismiss the charges, but only if you are represented in court by a lawyer who:

  • knows the details of these technical aspects
  • is aware of the latest DWI/DUI case sentences and dismissals
  • has attended the seminars and read the latest publications on the subject
  • knows how the courts and judges will react to the arguments set forth
  • fights for you to the end and challenges the state's case to prove your guilt.

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