A Discussion with Chelsea Fagan of The Financial DietGetting your financial house in order means cutting down on spending, living within your means, and staying within a budget. You need to reduce or cut out spending, while using your money wisely and for the right purpose.

In many ways, this is like going on a diet, but instead of cutting calories, you are cutting spending (dollars), and instead of eating the right foods, you are putting your money in the right places.

That is why in this episode of the podcast I talk with a personal finance expert who actually coined the term, The Financial Diet, through her blog and YouTube channel. Her advice goes beyond finances to discussions about lifestyle and mindset, and I encourage you to listen to what she has to say.

In this episode you will:

  • Meet Chelsea Fagan and learn of her journey
  • Discover how money lessons learned early in life are critical to success as an adult
  • Learn how she built her blog into a thriving business and video channel
  • Learn how her book, The Financial Diet, can help you get good with money


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