Financial Freedom Podcast Episode 64Many of us get involved in activities outside our jobs. We volunteer for organizations like the Elks or the Masons, or we coach our child’s soccer or t-ball team. But did you know that being involved in those activities could possibly get you sued? Having to pay for a lawyer (and possibly damages, if you lose) can break you financially.

The good news is that a little due diligence, and the right insurance coverage, can work to protect you. That is why, in this episode of the podcast, I talk with local insurance broker Dave Strout of Cettei and Connell in Woodbury about what you need to do to get the right coverage to protect your financial freedom!

In this episode, you will find out:

  • When your homeowner’s policy will cover you, and when it won’t
  • How you can add coverage to your homeowner’s policy to fill gaps
  • What insurance your organization must have for you to be protected
  • What coverage you need if you are an officer or director of your organization
  • What insurance you need if you serve liquor at your organization’s social event

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