Financial Freedom Podcast Episode 49Traffic violations in New Jersey can have a serious effect on your financial freedom, depending on the seriousness. Not only can the fines and surcharges be significant, but they can also lead to jail time! This is also true of minor criminal charges, like disorderly person’s offenses, that can be brought in this court.

That is why I discussed this topic on this month’s episode of Lunch with a Lawyer, which covered not only ways to avoid a jail sentence, but alternatives to serving that time in a cell. Since this is such an important topic, I wanted to share this information on the podcast as well. There is no guarantee that these options will be available in your case, but this is must-know information if you are facing charges such as this.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What traffic and minor criminal offenses carry a jail sentence
  • How to avoid jail with the right plea deal
  • What jail alternatives exist just in case you can't get one of those plea deals
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