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It seems like every day, in one way or another, I am helping people with a problem related to their financial situation. This could be with a bankruptcy, the defense of a lawsuit brought by a creditor, the workout of a student loan, or a potentially devastating traffic court/DUI matter. That is why when I was looking into launching a new podcast, the idea of one dealing with financial issues jumped to mind.

That is why I have just launched the Richardson Law Offices Financial Freedom Podcast! It is available through iTunes or this web site. The first episode, appropriately enough, helps people who have made a New Year’s Resolution to be in better shape financially. But in the months to come, many other topics will be discussed.

What Will It Talk About?

New episodes will be released twice a month. One will be me talking on a particular topic, while the other will feature an interview with an expert in a relevant field that can help you in a particular area. In the months to come, we will talk about:

  • What a traffic ticket can do to your car insurance rates
  • Whether a short sale is a good idea for an “under water” house
  • Your prospects of buying a house after having filed a bankruptcy
  • Making sure you have the proper insurance coverage for your business

What Do YOU Want It to Talk About?

But what would you like to hear about? What obstacles are you facing to achieving financial freedom? What information would be helpful to you in achieving financial freedom and independence? Let me know in the comments!

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