Posted on Dec 07, 2011

Individual Americans aren't the only ones trying hard to avoid bankruptcy in these hard times; the U.S. Postal Service is as well!  According to an article in the Burlington County Times, the Service is looking to revamp its delivery systems to cut costs.  Since delivery is accomplished through Processing and Distribution Centers, several of them (about 250 nationwide) could be closing, including the one in the Bellmawr Industrial Park (which is one of six in NJ facing this).  The other New Jersey centers on the list for possible closing are in Eatontown (Monmount County), Edison (Middlesex County), Kearny (Hudson County), Pleasantville (Atlantic County), and Teterboro (Bergen County).

Closing post offices is not the only change being contemplated however.  In an effort to save $20 billion in operating costs, the Service is also going to change its first-class delivery standards from the current one- to three-day delivery time to a two- to three-day standard.  Public hearings on the proposed closings are expected to take place early next year, while closures could happen as soon as March, according to the Postal Service.

This is certainly not an unexpected decision by the Postal Service, as people move more towards e-mail and other forms of communication to save money.  Documents can be scanned and e-mailed, packages can be sent by FedEx or UPS, and (unfortunately) SPAM has eclipsed junk mailers due to their lower cost and higher response rate.  Like other businesses across the country, the Postal Service is working hard to reinvent itself in order to stay in business.

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