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This month's broadcast on RichardsonLawOffices.TV was all about federal student loans. Folks sent in questions having to do with default, discharge, and payment plans. Student loan debt is approaching $1 trillion in this country, and the sad part is, when it comes to federal loans, many people are struggling unnecessarily.

Did you know that you can get your loans discharged if you are totally disabled? That your monthly payment can vary with your income, or that if you are in default, you can get out of it? If the answer is no, then these topics continue to be the best kept secret here in this country.

Four Important Questions Answered

Last week I answered four very important questions on federal student loans:

  • I am receiving Social Security Disability. Can I discharge my federal student loans?
  • I just got a notice that the Department of Education is going to garnish my wages.  Can they do that?
  • How do income-based plans like IBR and ICR deal with parental or family leave or periods of parttime work related to family care?
  • I hear that the interest rates went up on federal student loans on July 1.  Will my payments go up as a result?

If you have been asking yourself these questions, then you need to check out this episode.

This is a Regular Monthly Thing!

You should also remember that I broadcast from my channel every month on the fourth Thursday at 5pm. The topics vary, but they are always informative. Next month is New Jersey traffic law. Be sure to tune in!

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